Milsim Rules

•NATO BDU (Multicam, A‐Tacs FG, Marpat, ACU etc)
•Full matching camo (pants + shirt)
•Baseball caps or helmets
•Molle plate carrier vests (CIRUS, LBT6094 etc)
•No mismatched camo (pants + shirt)
•Regimental insignia allowed (Patches, Ranks)
•Solid colour pants (jeans or combat pants)
•Solid colour or Woodlands shirt
•Baseball caps, boonies, balaclava. No helmets
•Chest rigs & Molle plate carrier vests
•No matching camo (pants + shirt)
•No NATO Regimental insignia (Patches, Ranks)
•M16, M4, Hk‐416, Hk‐G36, FN‐SCAR, etc
•Any side arm
•No weapon restrictions
•Any side arm
•Players must have played a minimum of 5 Open Games to qualify
•Officers and Team Leaders must have played a minimum of 5 Milsim games to qualify
•Players under the age of 18 must provide written parental consent. If consent is not provided the player will not be able to participate.
•Players under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a designated parent or guardian
•There are no game restrictions for “Civilians” and inexperienced players are encouraged to participate. Civilian tickets will be free of charge but limited in quantity.
•All photographers and non‐combatants must wear high visibility vests and approved eyewear at all times
•Sustenance supplies (water, snacks etc.) must be carried into the field of play. No breaks will be allowed.
Assault Weapons (M16, M4, Hk‐416, Hk‐G36, FN‐SCAR etc)
•Maximum FPS, regulated at 300fps ‐ 400fps with .20gr bb’s
•5m bang kill rule applies at close distances to target with side arm
•Only short full‐auto bursts (1‐2 seconds) will be allowed Buildings:
•Standing in a doorway or outside a window of a building, an assault class is not allowed to fire a rifle in full auto into a building.
•If an assault class is outside a building, he/she may engage targets inside a building using an assault rifle at a distance greater than 20m.
Sniper Weapons (M24, L96, SVD, M82 etc)
•Springer Rifles ‐ Maximum FPS, regulated at 401fps ‐ 500fps with .20gr bb’s
•Semi‐Automatic AEG/GBBR Rifles ‐ Maximum FPS, regulated at 350fps ‐ 450fps with .20gr bb’s
Full auto fire, permanently disabled. A permanent modification to the selector or gearbox

Designated Marksman/Snipers – Players are permitted to carry the DMR/Sniper Rifle and a sub machine gun (MP5, P90, MP9 etc.) and a side arm. No marksmen may carry a DMR/Sniper Rifle and assault rifle (M4, M16, SCAR etc.)

20m target engagement restriction. A sniper cannot fire at a target within 20m. Strictly enforced. This rule implies to all weapons shooting above 400fps.
The player must use his secondary weapon.

Rifle must have a magnified optic greater than 2x power.

5m bang kill rule applies at close distances to target with side arm. A sniper cannot bang kill a target within 20m with a sniper rifle. Buildings:

Snipers are encouraged to carry an AEP/GBB side arm for use inside buildings and CQB areas.

No sniper will not have a shouldered (at the ready) sniper rifle in his/her hands while moving in and around a building or CQB area (heavily enforced!)

Standing in a doorway or outside a window of a building, a sniper is not allowed to fire a sniper rifle into a building.

Once a sniper is inside a building, he/she may move into position with a side arm. Once in position, a sniper may engage targets with sniper fire outside the building at distances greater than 20m. 2 | P a g e

If a sniper is outside a building, he/she may engage targets inside a building using sniper fire at distance greater than 20m.
SAW Weapons (M249, RPK, M240B, M60 etc)

SAW Gunners may not carry any secondary SMG or assault rifle. Side Arms are allowed

FPS, regulated at 400fps with .20gr bb’s.

2 – 3 second full‐auto burst fire

10m target engagement restriction. A SAW gunner cannot fire at a target within 10m.

5m bang kill rule applies at close distances to target with side arm.

A SAW gunner cannot bang kill a target within 10m with a SAW rifle.

SAW gunners are not CQB players.

SAW gunners must carry a AEP/GBB side arm for use inside buildings.

SAW gunners will not have a shouldered (at the ready) SAW rifle in his/her hands while moving in a building (heavily enforced!).

Standing in a doorway or outside a window of a building, a SAW gunner is not allowed to fire
SAW rifle into a building.

Once a SAW gunner is inside a building, he/she may move into position with a side arm. Once in position, a SAW gunner may engage targets with burst fire outside the building, from a doorway or window, at distances greater than 10m.

If a SAW gunner is outside a building, he/she may engage targets inside a building using 1 second burst fire at a distance greater than 10m.
3 | P a g e
4 | P a g e

Once hit, a 5 minute bleed‐out period will be in effect. You must sit down and cover your head with a red/orange hat or cloth (Death Rag) or attach a Death Rag to your raised weapon.

During this time, you are only allowed to call for a medic. You are not allowed to speak to others or speak on your comms. Once the 5 minute bleed‐out time has expired, you can move, arms raised and Death‐rag visible, to your barracks or safe‐house to re‐spawn.

Medics will be supplied with 10x bandages (white material strips). Two per squad member. Once a squad member is hit, you have to reach him with‐in five minutes to tie the bandage to his upper arm or leg. Once applied, the squad member is back in the game and healed.

You can apply the bandages to whomever you want. Enemy or ally. You can apply all ten bandages to a single squad member or yourself, the decision is yours to make.

If you are hit and healed in the game, you must keep the bandage on you at all times until you return your barracks or safe house to re‐spawn or re‐arm.

Medics can share bandages between themselves but are not allowed to supply bandages to squad members to carry on them.

Re‐Spawn will happen every half hour or as soon as a five man squad gathers. Which ever happens first.

CIA/CDF will re‐spawn at their barracks.

Cartel forces will re‐spawn at their safe house.

Ammunition limits and re‐supply will be communicated prior to each event

Players will be required to supply their own BB’s in the agreed quantities.

Violation of the agreed ammunition limits will result in expulsion from the event.

All airsoft firearms must be treated as real firearms!

When exiting the game area, it is mandatory that all players put their guns on safe, remove the magazine and fit a barrel sock. Failing to do so will result in disciplinary action taken against the player.

Rifles being carried must point downward and muzzle covered with retention mounted barrel sock.

No airsoft device of any kind may be discharged in the safety area. Doing so will result in the player facing severe disciplinary action.

All airsoft devices may only be tested in the designated testing area. It is up to the marshal and safety officer to designate this area.

Airsoft rated eye protection must be worn at all times in the field of play and in the weapon testing area. The glasses/goggles must be able to stand up to high impact shots at close range. If unsure, the glasses/goggles should be tested first by the player by firing at a test sample at point blank range. The test goggle/glasses however should not be worn again as damage might have resulted from the test.
5 | P a g e

Eye protection may never be removed during play or at the testing range. The player must leave the field if problems occur with the goggles or glassed and fix them in the safe area.

No physical contact (punches/slaps/head butts) is allowed. Serious disciplinary action will result if this is not respected.

No lasers maybe used in games. Some lasers have the potential to cause damage to a person’s eye. To prevent this from happening it was decided to ban all lasers in active game play. You may “dress up” your weapon but must not use them during active game play.

In the event that a person is spotted without eye protection (be it a player or non‐player) the game must immediately stop. Players must call “BLIND MAN!” when they spot such a person, to which all players in audible range also repeat, the shout.

The game marshal(s) is/are then required to escort the person (the blind man) off the field.

The game is then resumed when the person has cleared the field.

Cameramen and spectators may only be allowed on the field if they are wearing the correct

eye protection.

No player may willingly discharge any airsoft device at any non‐combatant. Doing so will result in severe disciplinary action taken against the player.

In the case of a non‐combatant getting shot, the non‐combatant has the benefit of the doubt and may decide if the culprit must be punished or forgiven. This is only the case if there is uncertainty about the nature of the act. This rule, however, is considered void if the player willingly shot the non‐combatant.

Each player enters the game areas at their own risk.

Scenarios often take place in hazardous environments, so it is expected of each player to take note of the various hazards in his surroundings.

Each player is responsible for their own safety and wellbeing. Should an injury occur, no game official will be held responsible.

Each player is required to sign the agreement of the above. No player may enter the game area without signing the document.

Please take not of the playing environment. Some areas have wild life and insects that could be dangerous.

Although every player plays at their own risk, it is still the responsibility of the safety officer or marshal to inform the player on the possible hazards on the field.

Blind firing is the act if discharging a firearm when not being able to see where the shot is going. Commonly, this involves pointing a rifle around the corner with the body and head concealed and firing.

No blind firing is allowed under any circumstance. It is strictly prohibited!

Running away shooting backwards without looking also counts as blind firing.

Players may never shoot when they cannot see where their gun is pointing.
6 | P a g e

Head shots are strongly discouraged and are only allowed when no other part of the target’s body is visible.

In CQB environments where shots are taken at very short distances, all rifles and sidearms must be set on Semi‐Automatic.

One shot suffices as a kill. No player is allowed to continue shooting a “dead” player.

Bang Kills involve meeting an opposing player in the 5 meter area usually with their back or side to you, should they not be aware of your presence you can call “BANG”.

Each player is expected to show good sportsmanship.

Players are expected to respect each other.

Players should be able to judge when to use full auto and when not.

No player may willingly spray another on full auto.

The use of explicit language (swearing) is strongly discouraged and may be punishable if the marshal finds it to be unsportsmanlike and offensive.

Players are discouraged to take conflict situations into their own hands. If a player notices misconduct, he is obliged to report it to the marshal who must then report it to the safety officer if needs be.

The consumption of alcohol is not permitted while the player is participating or planning to participate in any game. Only when the player will not partake in any more events, may he use alcohol.

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