1. Established safety standards
  2. Established GAC MilSim series
  3. Established annual membership standards
  4. Media representation
  • Alex Mathey (G.A.C .Treasurer) kicked the year off for the G.A.C by appearing on Kyknet’s Dagbreek during a live performance. Alex brought attention to the G.A.C and our involvement in the Airsoft community and the sport in Gauteng. A first for the G.A.C and currently not the last.
  • The Beeld published an article on the 2nd of February called “Oorlog sonder die pyn en gemors”. The article drew attention to Airsoft in Gauteng and the Black-Ops venue. Alex brought attention to the G.A.C. in the article.
  • The G.A.C . has a active Facebook page that will bring you, as a member, up to speed all current and planned GAC events.
  • The G.A.C. now owns the forum and will be populating the content with exciting events and keep people talking and informed of what’s happing in Gauteng in the world of Airsoft..

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