About GAC

With the growth of Airsoft in Gauteng, there has long been a call for a regulatory body, hens, the Gauteng Airsoft Club (GAC). Established in 2012, the Gauteng Airsoft Club drew experience from the seasoned Airsoft community. This community was a loose collection of players that met at venues and played social Airsoft matches. At the time, these seasoned players drew up a set of safety rules to minimise risk on the playing fields, but a safety standard and governing body had to be drawn up.

Since its conception, the GAC has given the sport of Airsoft in Gauteng an identity, a constitution, a code of conduct and established a set of safety rules.

The GAC is focused on producing competitive Military Simulation (MilSim) Airsoft matches. This MilSim series is held at various venues, on various dates, in Gauteng and based on international standards. The GAC MilSim series is focused on team work, comradery and fun.

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